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It is digital and cannot be forged or arbitarily reversed by the sender (avoid matters such as credit card refund), which greatly increases trust between global counterparties.


Publised in encrypted form, it allows customers to remain anonymous and make payments to merchants and other payees without revealing unnecessary information. This will protect customer privacy and prevent online identity theft, thus helping to improve customer safety compared with other types of payment systems.

Smart Contract

It eliminates any third party in the transaction, thus avoiding any possible manipulation, delay, or any other unforseen human error caused by the intermediary. Smart contracts on blockchain are executed when the conditions are met followed by followed by immediate payments between the two parties worldwide.


Members can easily access our global electronic payment system and purhcase products and services using ToopToken, exchange for different currencies, and make payments to other payees around the world. users can purchase ToopToken with Ethylene, other legal currencies, or any other traditional payment methods, then exchange it into different currencies for withdrawal or deliver to other recipients around the world.

Low Transaction Fee aims to reduce transaction costs. Unlike other traditional e-payment platforms that charge high fees, transactions on will always be kept to a minimum.

From online to offline, from country to country, from door to door, from production to circulation, what makes us strong is that blockchains cannot be altered or falsified.

Security on the next level

Electronic payment system using ToopToken is both convenient and fast. The proprietary retina recognition technology is specially used for fast and secure payment. USTOSHOP will launch the first global retina recognition payment system which will allow customers to verify customer identity using 350-400 retina recognition. After that, instant payment can be made globally. The technology can be combined with existing payment systems, platforms and smartphones to provide customers with instant control over their data as well as instant global payment.